FAQs About The Original Deck Kit

It will very depending on the size and amount of assistance provided.  Most kits will be completed in 2 days. 

We recommend 2 people. (Partner up with a neighbor) 

The only tools you will need is a screwdriver set that will be provided when attending the free class.

Yes, we will help with submittals. 

No, this will be determined on our site visit.

Not currently.

We try to stay within the Twin Cities metro area to supply the best customer experience and support.  

Yes, for additional cost.

Call for current Leadtime. (952) 417-6589 

We will provide demo if needed for 3.50sf plus dump fee.

Call us and we will send out a professional deck builder at no charge to evaluate your project. 

If it is more than one story, we recommend hiring a contractor.


We can finish your project for you at a pro-rated price related to what is remaining to complete.

No, the composite decking is designed to be slip resistant. 

The aluminum is coated to prevent rust.

Material warranties go out to 25yrs. We believe they will last longer.

Yes, with additional engineering and cost. (Our standard kits are not designed to carry the load of a hot tub)

Yes, if this is a plan let us know so we can engineer footings accordingly.

5o Year, manufacturers supplied warranty.

Contact local city building department.

Yes. We have to verify with the city to ensure it will carry the load. We can also add a beam if needed

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