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Finished Deck

The Original Deck Kit was developed to fill the need for everyone to enjoy their outdoors space. Our mission has been to develop high performing deck kits for everyone while providing industry leading support to people that results in an enjoyable and successful project. 

Our VISION is to provide DIY deck builders the best possible experience. We aim to give the average homeowner the confidence, support and expertise to assemble a deck that surpasses most contractor-built decks at half the price.  We also provide professional installation of any part of the deck the homeowner is uncomfortable with. 



1. We install Ledger to structure.

a. We also mark footing locations at this time. 

2. We install helical footings. 

a. We determine height to ledger so posts can be pre-cut. 

3. We precut all components and assemble rail sections for the kit in our shop. 

a. Ship all components pre-cut to specified dimensions.

b. Only tool needed is a screw gun.

4. Easy installation performed by the homeowner, owner’s contractor or The Original Deck Kit Team. 

5. Enjoy. 

Key Benefits: 

1. Premium products 

2. Predictability

3. Availability

4. Standardized installation to ensure warranty coverage and reduce call backs 

5. Lower cost than hiring a contractor.

6. Simplicity 

7. Speed (Delivery and Installation) 

8. Longevity 

9. Finished look 

10. Low maintenance 

11. No waste 

12. Spec build available for developments. 

13. Steel framing gives the neighborhood a distinct high-end look

Decking Options: TimberTech, Trex

    • TimberTech
      • American Walnut, French White Oak, Castle Gate
      • 50 yr. warranty
      • PVC

Timbertech Colors

    • Trex
      • Spiced Rum, Havana Gold, Island Mist
      • 25 yr. warranty
      • Composite 

Trex Colors

Deck Sizes

Deck Sizes


Steel Framing, Pre-cut and drilled for easy installation. Steel is Galvanized and Enameled Black

25 yr. warranty



Helical Footings



 Premium aluminum rail systems

 25 yr. warranty


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